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    Concrete Patio

    A concrete patio can offer a lifetime of enjoyment when constructed correctly. It’s hard to beat the sound foundation and cost effectiveness of a concrete patio. Don’t invest in material that won’t last nearly as long. Natural stone can begin breaking down after a few years of being exposed to the elements, and wood outside can rot if not properly sealed or maintained. Concrete is one of the toughest materials you can use and is relatively easy to maintain.

    Concrete Alfresco

    If you’re thinking about an alfresco area for your outdoor living space, it’s essential to have it styled to compliment your home. Besides adding class and uniqueness to your house, it can act as an extension to the inside of your home, giving you an outdoor living space to relax, enjoy and entertain year-round.

    From planning to project completion, our team will be there every step of the way to ensure that your concrete alfresco area will be as perfect as you imagine.

    Home Garages and Sheds

    You’ll use your garage and shed for a variety of purposes, but whatever it’s used for, it’s likely the floor will suffer wear and tear. That’s why it’s important to install durable garage flooring capable of withstanding anything it takes

    Epoxy flooring uses a mix of polymer resins and hardeners. When applied on top of concrete, it creates a smooth, shiny surface that’s visually dazzling. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it is incredibly durable and resilient. It is dust-free, non-slip, impervious to most chemicals, requires little maintenance, has antimicrobial properties, and is long lasting.

    Concrete Retaining Walls

    Retaining walls aren’t just aesthetic, but practical too. A retaining wall is an outdoor wall used to keep soil in place by preventing sliding or erosion. It’s usually built on either side of an outdoor space to extend control to the soil at different levels

    When building a retaining wall, consider several key elements and make sure it is carefully designed. Our team will be on hand to ensure that your retaining wall will turn out to be the talk of your neighbourhood.

    Concrete Pools

    Concrete swimming pools are a popular pool option here on the Gold Coast.

    The benefits of a concrete swimming pool are:

    Flexibility in shape and design

    Whether you want a pool of specific dimensions or an irregularly shaped pool, a concrete pool gives you the freedom to customise as you wish. We can make concrete pools to suit your individual requirements and desires, so you can style your pool just how you want it.

    No size restrictions

    Concrete pools can be installed in a wide variety of sizes to suit any outdoor living or recreational area.


    The strength and longevity of concrete allows concrete pools to provide swimming enjoyment for years to come. Concrete pools are also cheaper to repair in the long-term than other pool types, as you’d only need minor patching up instead of possibly replacing the entire pool.

    Why work with QEP

    • QEP concrete services that support the Gold Coast economy, we are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, and with over 15 years of experience, we know how to give you a concrete product that will last for decades.
    • The key to a quality concrete pour is in the preparation and delivering quality concreting at an affordable price. We are able to beat our competitors due to relationships with suppliers that allow us to purchase quality products and materials and pass them on to you at far reduced prices.
    • We specialise in a whole range of products and services, including exposed aggregate concreting, stamped concreting, coloured concreting for driveways, pathways, and footpaths. To the highest quality workmanship