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    Exposed aggregate is one of the most popular options here on the Gold Coast for driveways today. It’s an elegant yet durable way to add quality concrete to your property. When it sets and the concrete is sanded back, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful finish.

    We enjoy building exposed aggregate driveways because their versatility helps create a beautiful surface that gives a rustic vibe to home exteriors, which always delights our customers.

    What is an exposed aggregate driveway?

    This type of driveway is laid using gravel or stones of different sizes and colours called ‘aggregate’. It’s either added to the concrete mix or laid on top of the surface at the end of the process to give it more texture and make it more attractive. It can also give the driveway more traction.

    What are the benefits of an exposed aggregate driveway?

    There are several reasons many people on the Gold Coast go for an exposed aggregate finish for their driveways:

    Elegant, yet durable

    You get the robust hardness of cement with a stylish, contemporary finish. A well laid exposed aggregate finish can last for over 40 years with no visible cracks or needing significant maintenance.

    Resistant to weather damage

    A quality exposed aggregate finish can withstand any kind of heat, hail, wind or rain and still look in tip-top condition, proving a formidable force against the harsh Australian climate.

    Highly customisable

    You have a wide range of exposed aggregate concrete colours and textures to choose from. Boasting an unbeatable combination of function and elegance, it offers a perfect contrast with all styles of housing.

    Almost no maintenance

    Exposed aggregate expertly hides stains with its pebbled, varied aesthetic, so it really only needs a hose down now and then.

    How do you do an exposed aggregate driveway?

    We’ve simplified it, but this basically is our six-step process to install that exposed aggregate concrete driveway you’ve been dreaming about:

    • Step 1: We carry out a site inspection and then clear, peg and level the surface.
    • Step 2: We put the formwork in place and lay a sand or gravel base of sand or gravel. If needed, we’ll reinforce it with steel mesh
    • Step 3: We pour and spread the concrete evenly over the site before smoothing it.
    • Step 4: We wait until it’s almost firm before brushing or washing away the surface with a high pressure blaster, exposing the aggregate materials on the surface.
    • Step 5: We leave the concrete to cure fully.
    • Step 6: We seal the surface to minimise staining and protect it for the long term.
    • Step 7 (bonus!): We leave you to marvel at your beautiful, new exposed aggregate driveway.
    • How much does an exposed aggregate driveway cost?

      An exposed aggregate finish for a driveway will cost anywhere between $100 to $150 per square metre, depending on the scale of the project.

      However, there are some key factors that affect the actual price you pay to complete exposed aggregate driveway, including:

      • The size of your driveway (calculated in square or cubic metres)
      • The cost to excavate and level the site
      • Whether you need drainage installation on-site
      • Ease of access to the site
      • The slope of the land
      • Whether you need any demolition work done
      • Whether the existing driveway needs removal
      • Why work with QEP

        • QEP concrete services support the Gold Coast economy, we are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, and with over 15 years of experience, we know how to give you a concrete product that will last for decades.
        • The key to a quality concrete pour is in the preparation and delivering quality concreting at an affordable price. We are able to beat our competitors due to relationships with suppliers that allow us to purchase quality products and materials and pass them on to you at far reduced prices.
        • We specialise in a whole range of products and services, including exposed aggregate concreting, stamped concreting, coloured concreting for driveways, pathways, and footpaths. To the highest quality workmanship