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    When you’re getting a home or structure built or extended, you’ll need a robust foundation for it to sit on and keep it stable. These days, concrete slab Brisbane are the most popular type of foundation in Gold Coast because they’re reliable, cost-effective, and offer plenty of comfort to property owners.

    While it’s never been easier to do your own concrete slab Brisbane and lay them down, sometimes you need more skilled hands for the job. Our team will be on hand to ensure that your concrete slab in Brisbane, footings or other concrete foundation needs will provide your home or any other structure you’re building with the strongest support it can get for years and years to come.

    Is a slab foundation good or bad?

    There are many benefits to using concrete slabs for foundations, including:


    Concrete can withstand weather, age, and general wear and tear better than a timber foundation.


    Thick concrete slabs are stronger than wooden flooring, which may bend, creak, or warp under too much weight.

    Thermal Comfort

    Concrete slabs have very high thermal mass, so they’re good at storing and re-releasing heat. As a foundation, it works well as a good heat regulator for the property.

    Termite Resistant

    Concrete slabs can be highly resistant to termites if they have as few shrinking joints as possible.

    Our Brisbane Concrete Slab Services

    Whether it’s excavation and earthworks right up to building and laying concrete slab foundations and footings, we offer a wide range of concrete slab services, including:

    Raft Slabs

    They’re steel reinforced concrete slabs with steel reinforced concrete beams forged into the soil for strength and stability. You’ll mostly find them used for constructing new houses and extensions.

    Waffle Pod Slabs

    We construct these steel reinforced slabs above ground on top of level polystyrene pods. They’re often used on sites with very reactive soil, and their construction process involves minimal earthworks.

    Concrete Footings

    Concrete footings transfer the structural load of the building to the soil. They are necessary to prevent settling and support the foundation of the structure. We construct concrete footings for various projects including homes, decks and walls.

    Bored Piers

    These reinforced concrete piles are used to support lofty structures with heavy vertical loads. They’re a cost-effective construction solution and are ideal for coastal areas.

    Does a concrete slab need footings?

    Along with concrete slabs themselves, footings are a key part of constructing the foundation of a structure. They support the overall foundation and prevent settling, holding the structure in place for years on end.

    How long do concrete slabs last?

    Concrete slabs can last almost forever with proper design and reinforcement. It’s important to place concrete slabs correctly and compactly to prevent any openings that could cause destabilisation. Water can weaken concrete slabs, so make sure they’re not affected by water too badly.

    How much does it cost to lay concrete slabs Brisbane ?

    Expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $150 per square metre for laying a concrete slab.

    However, the actual price of a specific job depends on several key factors, including:

    • How the slab will be used
    • How thick the slab must be
    • Ease of access to the work area
    • The type of concrete and visual finish you want

    The type of concrete you choose affects the concrete Slab’s cost per square metre. Here are some estimates:

    Plain concrete $60–$85
    Spray-on concrete $50–$75
    Reinforced concrete $65–$90
    Coloured concrete $75–$90
    Pebblecrete $100–$150
    Stencilled concrete $100–$150