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    Concrete Pathway Specialists in the Brisbane Gold Coast

    Do you need help with concreting footpaths, concrete walkways, or perhaps some concrete landscaping to improve your swimming pool and entertaining area?

    Our Gold Coast friendly team has all the right tools, skills, and many years of experience helping residential, commercial properties, and local councils choose the right concrete pathways, landscaping and crossovers that are functional, safe, durable, and affordable.

    Residential Concrete Pathways

    Concrete footpaths, panels, and sidewalks complement your surrounding landscaping and enhance your swimming pool and entertaining area. At (QEP) we discuss your choices and the many ways that consider interlocking stone and concrete which will the look and feel of your property.

    Here are the three best types of concrete paths based on their simplicity of construction and their aesthetics.

    Stamped concrete

    Stamped concrete gives your pathway the look and feel of materials such as tiles, wood, or brick at a fraction of the cost and is brilliant for no weeds, so the paving always looks neat and tidy.

    Aggregate concrete

    Style and durability are at the core of exposed aggregate pathways, an excellent choice of materials such as crushed shell, tile, rock, slate, and pebble stones. Easy maintenance.

    Stenciled concrete

    A very popular choice. Low-cost alternative to laying real stones, pavers, tiles, or bricks. This is a non-slip surface concrete style and is almost totally maintenance-free

    Commercial Concreters Goldcoast

    At its core, well-designed walkways, crossovers and pathways provide your customers with an intuitive path to your business making your business stand out.

    Concrete pathway construction can be made with different techniques, they can include large size stones with concrete used as a cementing material to give them a simple yet artistic look. Or, it can be as easy as pouring mixed concrete and leveling them.

    Here are the three best types of concrete paths based on their simplicity of construction and their aesthetics.

    The poured concrete path

    This type of construction is pretty simple and requires almost zero technicality and is just about the desired concrete grade/ strength and the usage of concrete

    Concrete mould pathways

    This type is a little more demanding, they are aesthetically more pleasing than a poured concrete pathway

    Exposed aggregate
    concrete path

    This type is very similar to the poured concrete the only difference is the mix ratio and aggregate used. This renders a rough finish which increases the friction and is much easier to walk on.

    Council Footpaths, Crossovers and Public Areas

    Our services are trusted by councils and builders, we’re competitively priced and services include public access areas such as outside blocks of units, on council walkways, car parks, footpaths, and crossovers, that have high traffic.

    At QEP we do our own site preparation, demolition, levelling, and formwork to ensure that the best possible job is done when completing our work. This enables us to undertake almost any crossover & footpath project in accordance with the council budget and timeline.

    To get a quote on concrete footpaths and your wider concreting needs, get in touch with the QEP. Our concrete pathway professionals would be more than happy to assist you with your needs.

    Why work with QEP?

    • QEP concrete services that support the Gold Coast economy, we are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, and with over 15 years of experience, we know how to give you a concrete product that will last for decades.
    • The key to a quality concrete pour is in the preparation and delivering quality concreting at an affordable price. We are able to beat our competitors due to relationships with suppliers that allow us to purchase quality products and materials and pass them on to you at far reduced prices.
    • We specialise in a whole range of products and services, including exposed aggregate concreting, stamped concreting, coloured concreting for driveways, pathways, and footpaths. To the highest quality workmanship